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“Bali was a great experience for us and a wonderful honeymoon. All of the accommodations were fantastic. I think we liked Uma by COMO Ubud the best, though the pool villa in Nusa Dua was pretty awesome too.

As far as the experiences go, I thought snorkeling off of Menjangan Island was amazing. White water rafting was also super fun. We kind of felt sad about the elephant experience though we thought they were really awesome and one of the babies there actually grabbed onto me with its trunk at one point, so definitely a cool experience.

Spending a day in Pacut village was amazing. We loved that one a lot. It was one of the top experiences for sure. We really enjoyed playing music with all the men and loved helping make our traditional Balinese farming hats. We really felt welcomed.

Our guide and our driver were awesome. Both are great ambassadors for Bali. On one of our transfers, they stopped off at a little field to let us check out all of the people flying kites. It was kind of an off the cuff thing, but it was really cool.

Thanks again for all of your help and well wishes. We had an amazing time!”

Mr Amit Salve

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