Price Beat Guarantee

Price Beat Guarantee

The Best Vacations - at the best prices - start at Routemate

While other travel agencies and websites claim to have the lowest prices, our specialists will go on further for you. We’ll beat the lowest price you can find, guaranteed.

As part of our commitment to you, we’ll BEAT any genuine accommodation, package, cruise or tour quote subject to availability and based on Indian registered businesses and websites and for Travel departing within the India.

What prices will Routemate beat?

Routemate will beat any tour that can be booked from India IATA/TAAI  registered businesses such as:

  • Other travel agents
  • Internet (INDIA’s registered websites only)
  • Tour operators

The Price Beat Guarantee does not include rates offered on membership programs, corporate discounts or rates, groups. Promotional packages, deals or bundles that may include additional amenities such as parking, meals or entertainment are not eligible. Prices obtained via auction or similar process.

The Price Beat Guarantee is only available prior to purchasing  tour  from ROUTEMATE. Following the purchase (making a booking and/or payment of a deposit same day) you are not entitled to the Price Beat Guarantee if a cheaper quote is presented following the booking or travel departure.

The Price Beat Guarantee applies to car rentals, excursion and passes only purchased through packages.

The Price Beat Guarantee only applies to base cost and not taxes and fees for tour operators. In addition the lower quoted offer may not include web site service, booking, processing, shipping, paper-ticket or other fees.

How much will ROUTEMATE beat other quotes by?

We will beat our competitors’ quotes by $1 OR Rs 100 per adult and $1 OR Rs 100  per child.

What does "available" mean?

Available means that the other agent’s or operator’s quote is current, genuine and available to be booked at the time you present it to us. The Price Beat Guarantee is available only for exact itinerary matches, for example specific carrier or provider, ship and cabin category and the exact same dates and times of travel or service and must be available to the general public in the India. Fares must be compared with like fare restrictions. The Price Beat Guarantee is not available for bookings on websites where the carrier, property or similar booking details are unknown until after purchase.

Will Routemate beat quotes from foreign websites or quotes for travel that originates outside the India?

No, our Price Beat Guarantee applies to India registered businesses and websites only. It also applies only to travel that originates in the US. The rate must be quoted in US Dollars.

Changes to the Price Beat Guarantee?

Routemate  reserves the right in its sole discretion to modify or discontinue the Price Beat Guarantee at any time without prior notice. Any changes will be advertised on the Routemate web page.

Routemate  will not be liable for the payment of any refunds under the Price Beat Guarantee with respect to rates loaded in error by Routemate or the hotel, or cruise company or any printing, typographical, administrative or technological errors in any materials relating to in any rates backed by the Price Beat Guarantee.